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Cooking Outside, Frisco Style

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In areas like Spain and Italy, it is very common to see families cooking outdoors. This style of outdoor cooking has become popular in Frisco, Flower Mound, McKinney and surrounding areas due to the ability to be able to use your outdoor space all year long.

Professionally Designed Outdoor Kitchens

An Archadeck of Dallas-Ft Worth North outdoor kitchen allows you the freedom of diversity while entertaining and enjoying time outside with family and friends. Our custom outdoor kitchen expands the footprint of your home and capabilities of your patio, porch or pergola making your outdoor living space a favorite spot for family and friends to gather.

Variety of Design Features

The possibilities are endless to the features you can add to your custom-built outdoor kitchen. Some areas to take into consideration when visualizing backyard dining.

• Your Grilling Experience – decide the type of grill if you are looking for; built-in or a portable grill.
• How much preparation space you need – plan your countertops accordingly so you can make the most of your outdoor kitchen instead of having to go back inside multiple times.
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• The layout of your patio cabinets – you’ll need to store things outside that are easy to get to
• Lighting features – make sure you can see whether the items that you are grilling are rare, medium or well done without the use of a flashlight; also essential for nighttime dining.
• Installing a sink for running water – you’ll need this for preparing and cleaning up
• Refrigerator – perfect for storing drinks and much-needed items for entertaining and keeping everyone outside
• Flooring – our professional patio builders can make sure you have the right design and construction for your outdoor kitchen. Concrete, natural stone and brick are all great options for an outdoor kitchen due to their low maintenance and style options.

Save on Your Utility Bills

When you’re cooking outside in Flower Mound during the hot summer, your air conditioner won’t have to work overtime to keep your house cool. When you bake, fry, roast, and broil foods in your indoor kitchen, the temperature in your house rises several degrees, which kicks your A/C into overdrive. Cooking outdoors will conserve energy as well as more time enjoying time with family instead of being inside. Call Archadeck of Dallas-Ft.Worth North for a free design consultation on your outdoor kitchen.

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